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Here is an overview of the entire Life Insurance process:

1. Run Quotes and Review – to insure it meets your needs and your families needs. To request a quote give me a call 1-800-530-9134

2. Fill out an application We can do this over the phone and/or signatures can usually be done by a e-signature process. Some carriers, however, will only allow for a signed application. In this case we will have to work with a Fax or a Docusign format.

3. Review other Carrier requirementsSome carriers may ,depending on your stated health condition , require and Attending Physician’s Statement ( APS). This is ordered from your Doctor. 

4. UnderwritingOnce all information has been submitted to the carrier we now wait for the underwriting decision. Decision take about a week or less.

5. Get Approved – you will sign an acknowledgment of the policy, pay your first month’s premium and then the policy will be in-force!

Bumps in the road– They happen and the big one is to get a decline or be rated higher than what we had applied for. If this happens we need to review the underwriting criteria and look for other options.