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Does My Mother Have A Burial Insurance Plan?

Does My Mother Have A Burial Insurance Plan?

We get this question a lot from the family’s that we talk to, it’s usually as a result of another family member passing away like the Father or an aunt or uncle that didn’t have a burial insurance plan. We see a lot of times that the Father has an insurance plan, but the Mother does not have burial insurance.

Sometimes this is due to the fact in the past more Men were the primary income providers. Some companies provide a permanent insurance plan that can be used for burial insurance when they retire. If your Mother didn’t work outside the home as much, this could be the case. Nonetheless, a burial insurance plan for your Mother is, and they don’t seem to get the insurance on their own.

Sometimes our mothers think they don’t need burial insurance because they have enough savings on hand. We find this excuse very dangerous because often times by the time they grow old and start to run out of money it is too late. Buying burial insurance can be difficult after age 85, due to age and or significant health issues that have come into play at that time making it incredibly hard to find coverage. If your Father took care of the financials in the home, some mothers have a hard time trusting insurance companies.

As a result, they don’t know who to trust and never get around to making the purchase. Maybe your Mother just thought it was not something she wanted to think about. Perhaps it was just too creepy to think about. It’s a fact that 100% of our parents will die one day and only 52% will have some form of insurance in place to pay for the final expenses.

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