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Mike Grasso Testimonials

Mike Grasso Testimonials

Mike Grasso – Mission & Testimonials

Mike has over 30 years of insurance sales and service. He started his insurance career in 1986 with Prudential Insurance where he won numerous awards.

After 25 years at Prudential, Mike decided to focus on Senior Advocacy because he enjoyed working in the Senior Market.

Mike is married and has two sons. In his spare time he enjoys watching any sport, especially his beloved NY Yankees and hanging out with his Family.

My mission is to provide outstanding personalized service, as well as superior coverage to each and every one of my clients. I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in my relationships with my clients. I will try
to help you identify your individual insurance needs in order to develop the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

I will listen carefully to your specific needs and requirements in order to develop insurance solutions with a level of service and coverage you can’t find anywhere else. My goal is to try to meet or even exceed my clients’ expectations.

My quality client relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, trust, and caring. I strive to meet the goals we establish together.

Mike Grasso was great to speak with, patience, because I’m not the one that just jump right on board, but by talking to him on follow up I was convinced, so thank you Mike and keep up the good work

When I started talking to Mike Grasso I really didn’t think I would sign up cuz I didn’t want to add another bill to my budget! I’d been contemplating life insurance since I left my job with the state of Missouri. I left with a small policy but don’t want my children to be left with any unpaid debt—Mike was so kind & listened to not only my words but my heart. He spent so much time with me to assure me that it was a good policy for me & that it was safe to give him my SS# & bank acct# over the phone. I’m so grateful that he’s my Advocate & that I can phone him directly with questions & concerns.

My hylight  was meeting Mr. Mike Grasso he really helped me and kept me from making a horrible mistake on another insurance plan I didn’t understand and someone lied to me about but he explained it to me was very truthful and found me one I could afford…..Thank you Mike God bless you…

I had a cold call are you interested in ins ? Thought about it and said Yes. Great we will have a agent call you. Fine, just please make a note not on X day…Xday and I must have gotten 4 calls then Mike was #5, I had been increasingly getting upset and I unloaded both barrels. He understood why this was a bad day and promised he would spread the word leave her alone today. I got his name and number and said when I was ready I would call him. Short of it He kept his word, I kept mine. I now have a policy and he has a customer that will spread his name as a ‘ good guy to call’

Teresa Vogt sorry left off his last name agent Mike Grasso hopefully spelled it right… the reason dayX was horrid day to talk to insurance salesmen, I was still in a probate battle and it was the anniversary of my Mother’s passing, I just wanted to sit in the cemetary telling her how she had been so missed. The only reason I didn’t turn the phone off, I neeeded to be able for my son to call. That’s why I didn’t stop the calls just getting more upset, and he fixed it. How don’t know don’t care he came thru backed off the sales call and turned it into a personal one. That is why I will recommend him.


Mike Gasso is a very nice agent, was not pushy and very thorough, also answered every question,

It was awesome to work with Mike Grasso with Burial Insurance Services.
He seem very knowledgeable about the Insurance and was willing to help make a wise choice.
I would reverse recommend this Insurance to anyone that might qualify.
Alice Barker

Mike Grasso was kind, courteous, and patient. He made sure I understood everything that we spoke about. I wasn’t sure I would buy life insurance, but after speaking with Mike Grasso I decided to go with the insurance we spoke of.
Thanks Mike