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How Much Is A Casket?

Death is unavoidable. It’s a grim thought, but we all have to face it. It’s important that you plan for the unfortunate time. Not having a plan for your passing could leave you family with more stress and problems that could have been avoided. If you want to make the difficult time as easy as… Continue Reading

How Much Burial Insurance Do I Need?

When purchasing burial insurance, one of the most important factors is coming up with the amount of actual coverage that you will need so that your loved ones and survivors will have enough to pay all the expenses. While funeral insurance is like most other types of life insurance in that it pays out a… Continue Reading

How Does Burial Insurance Work?

Life insurance can be an important component of most any overall financial plan. But, even if you already have a life insurance policy, you may or may not have earmarked a portion of that coverage for your funeral and other related final expenses. Today, the cost of a funeral can, on average, run in the… Continue Reading

Cheap Life Insurance Plans for Seniors

Nobody wants to think about his/her own death, but it’s important to plan ahead and give your family the financial protection that they need. One excellent way of doing that is by purchasing a burial insurance policy. Burial insurance policies with companies like American National burial insurance company, also known as funeral insurance plans, exist… Continue Reading

How Your Health Will Effect Burial Insurance Costs

As we age our health will, obviously , change. Most Burial Insurance or fInal expense companies offer immediate benefit plans for those with minor health impairments. These plans are excellent options for people that are in less than perfect health, or have any severe health complications, but how does your health impact your premiums? Continue Reading